inFrequently asked questions, but still really important.


The majority of the questions pertain to entering. We will have a voting FAQ up as soon as some are asked

If you want to cut through all this nonsense, just email: and I will cheerfully answer any and all questions poste-haste. (pronounced posty-hasty)

Q: I am not sure what my 4th of July plans are. I might be booked that day. Should I enter anyway?
A: Confidence. I like that! Only the top online vote getters play the 4th. If you make it through the online round and advance to the live round and are unable to make it, the next highest vote-getter will be offered the slot. 


Q:  Do the songs have to be original or can I do a cover song?
A:  You may do any kind of song you like.

Q: I am a solist, may I sing to prerecorded music I found online?

A: Sure, you may sing your vocals to a prerecorded track. ANd generally using a track you found online is fine as long as you are not selling or charging for it. But I am not a lawyer,  But I dress like one sometimes When I am in court. Don't ask...

Q:  Did you know that you make a lot of typos in your social media and in the rules?

A: yesp.

Q: Can I change my entry?

A: You can change anything until midnight, May 23rd.


A: How do I get one of those nifty shirts?

B: Make it to the 4th of July live Show and you'll get a shirt.


A: That's it, just a shirt?
Q: ?????  Yeah, I mean. Maybe something else.  A bottle of water or a slice of pizza or something?
  You could get $1,000 bucks and a gig at the fair But that's it.


A: Who's Judging?

Q: Its a secret.


A: Hey. I was reading the paper and the XYZ Band, who is in the competition, was in the paper. How did they get in the paper?  I think you like them more than us.  UNFAIR! UNFAIR!

Q: The nice, fair and upstanding people who run applejam have absolutely no idea who is going to be in the paper, when, why or how often.  It is not something that is discussed with us, around us or near us. They are literally on the other side of the room and often, not even in the building.  we have no power over it. So when you first see it, so do we. However, if you have a gig or are going to be appearing somewhere, please let them know!  Applejam can't promote your gigs while you are in the contest, but you should always alert all the media every time you are playing anywhere.  Its just good marketing practice. Also, Pat MUIR, the Herald's music writer is Not a judge this year. The beer tent was too far away and he can't have it at the judging table.

Q: Why didn't you tag me on facebook?  You tagged other people.
A: If you have not "liked" the facebook page for Yakima AppleJam, it wont let me tag you. Please like /YakimaAppleJam


Q: Hey jerk. You denied my %&$#% entry. What is your @#%^& problem? You don't like my music? It's art. You *&@#$.

A:  We really enjoyed your version of Ode to Joy, but did you have to drop the f-bomb six times? We are not denying any entries to due to style, talent or personal taste. But the show is going to be family friendly. Please keep the submissions family friendly. 


Q: I'm not doing it. You just want me to perform for free.

A:  This is actually really far from reality. The original plan considered for the 4th of July celebration was to hire some bands to play. When we thought about it, we thought it would be much more fun to let the public decide who plays and give people a shot who would have probably not been considered otherwise. We have a big stage at a huge area-wide event and want the people to see the amazing talent that is out there. We love music, we love performing and we love Yakima. Lets put on a show! 


Q: Why do you have to pit one musician up against another in a "battle"?

A: Because " was taken." In all seriousness, this is done every day. Musicians are in a "battle of the bands" every time a booking agent reviews acts for an event. In this case, it is more open and you actually have a chance to influence the decision by getting your fans to vote. Plus, and most importantly, it’s all in fun. The artists are all very supportive of each other and it’s like a big family.


Q: People always want us to play for "exposure". Do doctors operate for exposure?

A:  Some do, ask my "Uncle Stumpy" about that. We are giving away at least $1,500 in cash. That is a chunk of change. There is "exposure" and then there is EXPOSURE. And then there is that thing that gets your name in the paper(..ask my Uncle Stumpy). 

Playing on a jam night in a small club is exposure and will help you hone your craft. This is massive exposure. gets 35,000 readers a day. Radio Yakima has an awesome bench of talent in their shows has some of the leading radio stations in Central Washington. The Yakima Herald-Republic is devoting a large amount of promotional space each week to it. Our TV news partner KAPP/KVEW is running stories about the competition. The city is on board. The fair is principal in helping us do it by giving main stage at the annual 4th of July celebration which sees 20,000 to 40,000 attendees. It will also be streamed live on facebook. 

The potential to make a splash off this one 35 minute short-set is real.


Q: I don’t have a video and I am not on YouTube.

A:  That’s a statement.


Q: I don’t have a video and I am not on YouTube?

A: I see what you are saying.  E-mail an mp3 or audio file to along with your name, the name of the band, a band photo and a short bio and we will enter you manually.  Easy!


Q: I am a professional musician.  Will a high school garage band be competing with me?  Doesn’t seem fair.

A: Since the first round is online, there is a promotion aspect to it. A high school rock band could have a very strong online following and get their friends and fans to vote. 


Q: Yeah, that doesn’t seem fair. They are going to cream me with the internets and tweetters and the MySpace.

A: I think you will be fine.  But there is a real promotion aspect to it. You must TRY to win by encouraging family, friends and fans to vote.  If you want it to happen without really promoting yourself, you will be hard-pressed to make it.


Q: I have a rider that I will need fulfilled to perform at your little AppleJam thing.

A: OK. Send it along with $1,500 to....


Q: 35 minutes is not a lot of time to set up, play and tear down. Don’t you think that is pushing it?

A: It is a quick set. Most bands will squeeze in four or five songs, 15 if you play like The Ramones. Professional audio is provided and you can bring people to help you get set up.  If we need to make adjustments, we will take it into account before the show date.

Q: Who are the VIP judges at the live show?

A: I already said it was a secret. They are cool and fair and appreciate music and musicians. They will not have a microphone to comment on your performance in front of everyone... Its not that kind of a show.


Q: I live in Seattle, but I am from the east side over near Sammamish. Can I like, you know, uh, can I like be in your apple band jam thing or whatever? Because…ummm, is Yakima near Issaquah?

A: Sure, dude. Come on over. The big fiery yellow thing in the sky is the sun.  We would love to have bands from all over Washington or even Oregon too if they want to compete.


Q: I am a solo artist. I play traditional flamenco music on a lute. Could I be up against a Hip Hop artist or someone singing Ave Maria?

A: Yes, that could happen.  This contest is about showcasing talent. The genre is not as important as the musicality shown. However, depending upon the number of entries, if it makes sense to break things down into subcategories, we reserve the right to do so.


Q: This is a dumb list. I don’t think you take this seriously.

A: That’s also a statement.


Q: Do the city, fair and sponsors endorse what you are saying on this website and the content on the videos?.

A: Nope. They are not involved in the actual contest or this site. They are all hugely helpful in making the show possible, but Yakima AppleJam is being put on by an independant promoter.


Q: I have a question. Who do I ask it to?

A: Me. Click here